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Volunteer with us

At Cards for Bravery, we have an amazing group of volunteers all over the world dedicated to brightening the days of hospitalised children.

We have a general team of volunteers based in the UK who maintain the daily activities of the charity. If volunteer roles become available for our main team, they will be posted on our social medias. Keep an eye out! 

Globally, we have over 100 card making volunteers around the world making incredibly creative and uplifting cards for us to distribute to various hospitals around the UK.

Anyone is eligible to make cards for us. If you are wanting to make cards on a one-off or regular basis, there is no need to sign up to volunteer. Just follow our guidelines and create amazing cards! 

If you are interested in gaining recognition or volunteer hours from creating cards, please find our volunteer guidelines below and fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

If you would like further information about volunteering, please contact 


Gain Volunteer Hours

We are always looking for volunteers to create cards for us. If you are looking for volunteer hours through making handmade cards, please go through our guidelines below.

Gather supplies

Go through our card making guidelines as this will help you create cards for us to distribute to hospitals. You can find our card making guidelines below.

Fill out our Volunteer Hours


If you are looking to complete volunteering hours, e.g. for Duke of Edinburgh, contact where a member of our team will send you our Volunteers form to fill out.

Create the card

We expect a certain amount of cards per hour to gain

volunteer hours.

  • At least 1-2 cards for more intricate cards that involve more complex drawings or cardmaking skills, e.g. quilling.

  • At least 3-5 cards for simple cards that consist of basic drawings, lettering, stickers etc.

Mailing the card

Write a note on top of your cards with your name, email address and that you are looking for volunteer hours, so we know to contact you and confirm your work.


Please send all your cards to this address:

Cards for Bravery

74 Heath Row

Bishops Stortford

CM23 5DF


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