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Card Making

General Information:

Our cards go to a range of different hospitals in the UK as well as children who are being cared for at home or in a hospice.

Making cards is simple and can a matter of minutes yet the impact is huge. 

We also sometimes send cards to elders who are in hospital as they are often isolated and do not have many visitors, as well as families of children who are hospitalised.

NO Envelopes are needed to be sent with your cards. We do not accept cards with religious messages or with the message 'Get well soon' as many patients we deliver cards to are living with long-term chronic conditions.

Please also do not put any solid glitter in the cards. Glitter glue is okay. This is due to health and safety risks in hospital settings

If you would like confirmation that we have received your cards please include a note with your name and email address.

Please be aware that it can take up to 6 weeks to provide confirmation due to the high amount of parcels we receive.

Card making

Our card making guide helps our volunteers create cards that we can then distribute to various hospitals around the UK. It is important that these guidelines are followed so we maintain a standard service for hospitalised children. 

You can find our card making guide below for more details, or download it within a file here.

cardmaking guidelines.png
Card making inspiration

At Cards for Bravery, we expect all cards to be positive in order to brighten up the days of hospitalised children. We prefer no 'Get Well Soon' or religious messages

Examples: 'Be Brave', 'Stay Strong', 'Thinking of You', 'You're One in a Minion', 'You're Turtley awesome!', ' You're Roarsome'

Holiday cards

At Cards for Bravery, we are always looking for holiday cards as it can be very difficult for children to spend these holidays at the hospital. We are therefore always asking for children's birthdays cards and Christmas Cards to make their stays all the more special during these hard times as the littlest things like a card really do make a difference.

For these cards, we request the same requirements as general cards - the only difference is we ask for a more holiday touch!

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