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  • Do my cards have to be homemade?
    Do to the nature and origin of Cards for Bravery, we prefer cards to be handmade if possible. This is as recieving a handmade card means that little bit more to the reciever; knowing that someone has taken the time to specially create a card just for them.
  • What should I write in the cards?
    Please write an uplifting and positive message inside the card. No "Get Well Soon" messages as patients can suffer from long-term or terminal illness. You can find our card-making page on our website which includes different ideas for messages to include in your cards.
  • Should I include envelopes?
    Envelopes do not have to be included as cards are normally sent to hospitals in bulk.
  • How do I end the card?
    Please end your card with "Love, Cards for Bravery".
  • Can I include any personal information?
    Please do not include any identifying personal information such as full names, email addresses, etc. If you would like to make your cards more personal then on the back of the cards you can write your first name and age i.e: "BY: Izzie. Age 15".
  • Where are the cards going?
    Your cards are distributed to hospitals all across the UK, as well as some children who are unwell but being cared for at home or in hospice. Some hospitals we are partnered wtih include: -Royal London Children's Hospital -University College London Hospital -Worcestershire Hospital -Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and many more!
  • Can I recieve volunteer hours for creating cards?
    Yes! Creating cards is an easy and fun way to recieve volunteer hours. If you are looking to gain some volunteer hours please contact us or fill out our "Card Making Volunteer" form found under the 'Get Involved' page. Make sure creating cards for us is an applicable way to gain volunteer hours if you are gaining them for school or things such as Duke Of Edinburgh.
  • What messages should the cards not include?
    Please do not include any inappropriate messages. Please also do not include "Get Well Soon" messages and refrain from using religious messages and references.
  • Is there a size requirement for the cards?
    Please try not to make cards any bigger than A4. Other than that; cards can be as big or small as you like! Usually they tend to be A5 or A6 Folded.
  • What happens to the cards once you recieve them?
    Once we recieve your cards, we sort through them to make sure they are appropiate for distributing (it is very unlikely they won't be, especially if you follow our guidelines!). We then safely store them until they are ready to be distributed to hospitals or a child being cared for at home/hospice.
  • Where should I send the cards to?
    Please send your cards to the following address: Cards for Bravery 74 Heath Row Bishop's Stortford CM23 5DF England
  • How can I volunteer?
    You can volunteer in multiple ways. We have volunteers all across the world! You can easily volunteer as a Card-Maker. This role means you can create cards for us as freuqently as you like whilst gaining volunteer hours and special perks such as "behind the scenes" news of Cards for Bravery and more. We also have other volunteer roles such as social media volunteers, admin volunteers, and volunteers for general distribution of cards. Please keep an eye on our volunteering page and social medias to see if any new roles are posted!
  • How are you dealing with COVID-19 guidelines and handling cards?
    We are aware that our cards and other services are being sent to high-risk environments and individuals. Due to this we have guidelines in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. UPDATED: **We are keeping our guidelines up-to-date with government guidelines, and still take extra precautions due to the high risk environments our services go to*** During the peak of COVID-19 we were unable to continue distributing cards as hospitals were not accepting post. This has fortunately lightened and we are now able to carry on our services as normal. When recieving your cards we make sure to not open packages for 2-3 days after them arriving. After this they are safely stored in isolated plastic boxes. When organising cards to distribute to hospital we make sure to use hand sanitiser, wipe down services and wear masks if needed. Before posting the cards; we isolate the packages for 2-3 days so any possible germs on the cards have the chance to die. We prefer individuals to not make cards when testing positive or showing symptoms of COVID however if you do, please make sure you isolate the cards for at least 3 days before posting them.
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